Technology Helps Business Owners Keep Consumers In-Store Longer

The history of Marketing can be traced back to the need for business owners to capture and maintain the attention of customers and prospects in order to sell them products and services. The longer you can keep a consumers’ attention the more likely you are to sell them something. As Marketing has evolved, mostly through improving theories through relevant practice, another factor has also helped drive this innovation, and that is technology. As new technologies emerge creative business owners are always trying to figure out ways to leverage those technologies for their business. Arguably the most disruptive technology to hit the market since possibly the Internet is the iPad. It’s no secret that the future of marketing has already begun to incorporate the use of iPads as marketing tools.

Tablet Marketing

Tablet Marketing in its most basic form is simply the use of a tablet to engage someone with digital content. Currently the most widely utilized tablet by businesses for tablet marketing initiatives is the iPad. Consumers are drawn to the iPad and businesses are starting to take notice. Companies attending trade shows are recognizing that they are attracting more people to their booths, and keeping them there longer, when they leverage iPads at their trade show booth. Restaurant owners are using tablets as menus. Dentist offices are using iPads to collect contact information from patients. Tablet Marketing is in its infancy, but soon this newborn will be walking and talking. Those business owners who recognize the marketing power behind tablets like iPad will start to see consumers spending more time in-store, and more time in-store from consumers will translate into more sales for the business.

Attract and Maintain the Attention of Consumers Longer

As the history of Marketing has shown, as new technologies emerge in the marketplace, wise business owners will find ways to leverage those technologies in order to attract and maintain consumers’ attention to their products & services. As mentioned above, consumers are drawn to iPads. Business owners who find creative ways to leverage tablets like iPad in-store are going to see an increase in sales. Just like any new marketing strategy, business owners who are interested in using tablets in-store for marketing should start the process by stating their goals, coming up with a specific strategy, and then finally execute various tablet marketing tablets aligned with that strategy.

Keep Customers In Your Store Longer by Using Tablet Marketing

Tablet Marketing is still in its infancy, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be successful with it. If your goal is to use tablets in-store to sell more products than you need to find ways to utilize the tablet which will lead to more sales. Here are a few different ways we are seeing business owners leverage tablets in-store for marketing to consumers:

  • In-Store Marketing with tablet games – Store owners are finding different ways to allow customers to play games on tablets while in-store. Some business owners are using these games as a loyalty marketing tactic, such as providing points to customers each time they play/win the game. Over time customers accumulate points and use those points to receive discounts on their purchases.
  • Business owners building in-store apps – Some business owners are creating their own apps designed educate customers about products and services. Tablets provide businesses with a cost-effective way to allow customers to educate themselves as they see fit.
  • Leverage existing apps for in-store marketing – There are an increasing number of third party apps, like OnSpot Social, that business owners are starting to leverage. OnSpot Social allows business owners to build their social media community and email database right in their store. No more “Like Us on Facebook” stickers. Now consumers can Like your business on Facebook right on the spot through an iPad.

These are just a few of the different ways business owners are leveraging tablet marketing. Those businesses that we have talked to have confirmed that as consumers start to engage with tablets in-store it ultimately keeps them in-store longer and provides the business with a better opportunity to make a sale. Your business can benefit from tablet marketing as well.