iPad Makes Social Media Marketing Easier for Businesses

We already know the impact that iPad has made on many industries, from Education to Travel and even Medicine. It seems like every day people are coming up with new ways to take advantage of the iPad. It makes sense too, as the iPad is a revolutionary product. It packs almost as big a punch as a computer, yet you’re able to take it anywhere without any of the inconveniences of a laptop. Finally, after a few years, business owners are starting to find ways to leverage iPad. From our perspective, one of the biggest new uses for iPad is in-store customer engagement. Business owners are finding ways to use the iPad either in their store, or really ANYWHERE that they interact with their customers.

A few years ago businesses started to see just how powerful Social Media Marketing could be as a Marketing Channel between businesses and customers. Since that realization, businesses have begun spending time and money to develop their Social Media Marketing strategy and platforms. The companies that have the time and/or money to spend on Social Media Marketing are really seeing some incredible results. That said, to be successful with Social Media Marketing businesses have to spend a lot of time trying to add people to their Social Networks. To date, there really hasn’t been an easy way to do so. A few main tactics businesses have been using to add prospects and customers to their social networks are:

  • Content MarketingContent Marketing is the “organic” way of attracting people to join your social networks. Basically business owners create online content, push it out via different channels, and encourage readers who find the information valuable to join their social networks so that they can continue to get access to new content. It works, but it’s usually a slow and time-consuming process.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads are a good way to add Facebook Likes, but what if you’re on other social networks as well? Also, running Facebook Ads can be very expensive for business owners. Not only that, but you have to spend time managing your ads.
  • Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency – Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency is a great strategy for businesses that can afford to pay for Social Media Marketing services. Social Media Agencies have strategies and tactics that they use to help businesses grow their online community. That said, hiring a reputable Social Media Marketing agency is not cheap.
  • In-Store Flyers – In-Store Flyers and Window Clings can help build awareness that your business is active on certain social networks. With the increasing usage of smart phones, consumers now have the ability to connect with your business on a social network right from their phone. It’s a decent strategy. That said, the percentage of consumers who actually pull out their smart phone, find your business on a social network, and connect with you is small. Why? Because it’s a clunky process.

iPad Changes How Businesses Collect Social Media Connections

Businesses now have a tool that they can use to increase their Social Media connections. Businesses are beginning to use iPad in their store, at their restaurant, at the sports arena, at colleges and universities, at trade shows and conferences, and the list goes on, to engage & educate their customers. Consumers are naturally drawn to the iPad. When they see an iPad set up in a store they usually gravitate towards it. As you know, getting a customer’s attention is half the battle. Putting an iPad in your store will help you generate attention. Once you have a customer’s attention, it’s time to convert the customer into a social media connection.

OnSpot Social Converts Customers into Social Media Connections

OnSpot Social is an iPad application for businesses who want to increase Facebook Likes, add Twitter Followers, and collect Customer Email Addresses on an iPad right in their store. OnSpot Social can be connected to your business’s Facebook Page and Twitter Account. You can type a custom message or even display a Special Sales Offer to attract customers to interact with OnSpot Social. You then set up an iPad Kiosk in a high-traffic area of your store. Customers will see the iPad, read your message, and then connect with your business on either Facebook, Twitter, or provide you with their Email Address. No more Facebook Window Clings. No more writing down a customer’s email address, only to have to decipher their bad handwriting AND enter it into the computer. All of this goes away with OnSpot Social.

Collecting Social Media connections has never been easier for businesses. Think about it. When are customers most interested in your business? When they are in your store, right? Why not leverage that attention by making it easy for them to Like your business on Facebook, follow your business on Twitter, or subscribe to your e-mail marketing program? OnSpot Social makes it easy for your customers to join your social networks. As we discussed earlier, adding Social Media connections is either very time consuming, very expensive, or both. That said, business owners realize that if they are able to build a large online community, they can sell more products and services. Now, with iPad and OnSpot Social, we make it easy and cost effective to collect Social Media connections.

What do you think? Would you put an iPad in your store? Do you think OnSpot Social can help your business with Social Media Marketing? We hope you’ll take some time to leave your comments below.

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