Not Just a Productivity Tool for Businesses, iPad is an In-Store Marketing Tool

When doing a quick search on “use iPad in my store” I found that there still isn’t a lot of information out there about businesses using iPad in their retail store to engage customers. Most of what I find has to do with businesses using iPad as a Productivity Tool, as opposed to, a Marketing Tool. I guess we are still early on in what we are calling the In-Store iPad Revolution, but I would think there would be more talk from media outlets and company blogs promoting the fact that an increasing number of businesses are using iPad  as an In-Store Marketing Tool. We see iPad as the next BIG thing when it comes to businesses using technology to improve the in-store shopping experience.

Consumers Are Drawn to an iPad

Instead of focusing solely on using your iPad to enhance the productivity/operations side of your business, why not leverage the fact that almost all humans are drawn to an iPad when they see one. They know it’s their tool for consuming information and experiencing all that the online world has to offer. Think about what that would mean if you put one or a few iPads in your retail store or setup an iPad at your Restaurant? Consumers would be drawn to it. They want to touch it. Equip your In-Store iPad with an app that you can use to engage those consumers while they are in your store and while they are paying attention to your brand.

iPad Connects Consumers to the Internet While In Your Retail Store

iPad provides shoppers with instant access to all that the online world has to offer. Sure, until more app developers pick up on the trend, business owners will have to find creative ways to restrict certain elements of iPad use, while still creating a unique experience for their shoppers. That said, there are a lot of different ways you can utilize existing iPad apps to function the way you want for in-store customer engagement. Then you have apps like OnSpot Social, which are geared towards business owners who want to use iPad as an In-Store Marketing Tool. It won’t be long before more people pick up on this coming trend and flood the app store with In-Store Marketing apps for business owners.

Use iPad as an In-Store Marketing Tool

Business owners with a brick-and-mortar storefront, whether you’re a restaurant owner or you run a gym, you need to find new ways of engaging consumers while they are at “peak interest” in your brand. Peak Interest usually occurs when these consumers visit your brick-and-mortar location. Using an iPad as an In-Store Marketing Tool allows you to engage your in-store shoppers with all that the internet offers. You can show them product videos on YouTube, you can display a Digital Sign with your upcoming events or sales, or you can use a tool like OnSpot Social to convert shoppers into social media connections and email subscribers. Even in the early stages of the In-Store iPad Revolution, iPad is more than just a Productivity Tool for business owners, it is an In-Store Marketing Tool. Soon more people will realize it and you will be amazed with all of the different  apps that are developed to help business owners market to consumers in-store.

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