Premium iPad App To Capture Leads

One of the most critical aspects of the sales process is finding new leads.  Whether a small operation or large corporation, acquiring new clients/customers is needed for survival.  These days there are 2 ways to go about obtaining these leads.  The first method commonly used it creating web forms on webpages and smart forms within emails to collect lead contact information.  The other popular method is attending events, trade shows, or conferences to locate new prospects.

Collect Lead Information On iPad

When collecting lead information in the field, pen & paper has almost always been used.  Some have become more innovative and are entering the information directly onto laptops.  With the affordability of tablets today, many are starting to use the iPad to collect leads.  There are a number of key advantages to this tactic which include the following:

Portability:   All regular event attendees know that ultra portable equipment makes life much easier.  Weighing only a few pounds, the iPad can be easily transported and passed around at an event.   Laptops often weigh a bit more and typically would not be passed around to collect lead information.  Consider an iPad Mini for an even lighter option.

Accuracy:  Allowing an individual the ability to input their own contact information into a digital form ensures accurate data will flow into your lead capture system.    Historically, a business owner would manually enter the contact information from business cards collected and pen/paper lead sheets into their CRM / email marketing system at the end of the day.  This process leaves much room for input errors.

Save Time:  By entering lead information directly into the iPad, no time will be needed manually entering data at a later time.   Companies have reported substantial time savings using tablets to collect contact information.

Inexpensive:  There was once a time when computers and tablets were “major investments.”  Today, iPads can be purchased from Apple for close to $300.  In addition to  lead capture, iPads can be used for a number of other business related tasks when back at the office.

Choose The Right iPad App To Capture Leads

OnSpot Social is the premier iPad app to capture leads in the field.  With a user friendly interface and large buttons, even the non tech-savvy are able to quickly input information.  Additionally, the app works with and without an active internet connection.  This means you can attend an event or trade show, collect leads offline, and then upload them all to your web account back at the office.  The data is encrypted and securely transferred to protect any valuable information collected.