Collect Mobile Numbers With iPad App To Bring Your Text Message Marketing To The Next Level

Who would have thought when cells phones originally came out that they would one day be a major marketing channel?  Well it’s happened.  Today, many businesses are shifting large portions of their marketing budgets to mobile and text message marketing (aka SMS marketing).  As today’s mobile phones are basically personal computers that consumers have with them at all times, this makes perfect sense.  To those new to the trend, we need to clarify that there are two distinct ways that businesses are pushing information to consumers’ phones.

Mobile App Vs. Text Message (SMS) Marketing

One method of advertising & marketing through mobile phones is within a mobile app.  Advertising space and banner ads can be bought from mobile app companies in a similar fashion as buying advertising space on a website.  An advantage with this method is the ability to include graphics and video with the advertisement.  On the flipside, advertising may still be pricey, depending on the number of app users.

One of the newest trends is Text Message Marketing  which is also referred to as SMS Marketing.  With this method, there is no need for a consumer to install any mobile apps.  Instead, business owners simply text message information directly to consumers that have opted in.  Text Message Marketing is very similar in concept and practice to email marketing.  A message is freely sent to a consumer (with permission).  An advantage with this method is that consumers usually can’t completely ignore your message as they can with mobile marketing.  Usually they will need to view the text message or delete it so that their phone does not keep alerting them of new, unread messages.

Aside from speaking with a consumer in person or on the phone, we believe this is one of the most direct and guaranteed ways to reach a consumer.  Because of this, we recommend the following:

  • Only text to those who have opted in
  • Limit the number of text messages sent so that the recipient doesn’t become annoyed
  • Keep messages short and too the point
  • Use text messages to alert the public about spontaneous sales events or important announcements
  • Occasionally send messages that ask the recipient to respond. With these, you are able to collect valuable feedback

Collecting Mobile Numbers From Customers

It can be a challenge to collect email addresses from customers, and even harder to collect their mobile numbers.  An effective way to collect mobile numbers and cell phone numbers is by using an iPad at your place of business.  OnSpot Social is an iPad app that collects mobile numbers and cell phone numbers from customers at your business.  Simply set up an iPad kiosk in a high traffic location, such as a checkout counter, and create a display message to entice consumers to opt in to receive your text messages.

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