Increase Facebook Likes with an iPad in Your Store

Are you looking for ways to get more Facebook Likes? OnSpot Social is an iPad application that allows business owners to capture Facebook ‘Likes’ from anywhere. It seems that the majority of business owners these days realize just how powerful social media tools like Facebook have become in generating increased sales. With that said, many business owners still struggle with growing their Facebook community.

The following question, “How do I get more people to ‘Like’ my Facebook page?” is probably the most frequently asked social media question. It used to be that you had to spend a lot of time on Facebook and on other tools, like blogs, to generate Facebook ‘Likes’. Either that or you had to spend a lot of money outsourcing your Facebook Marketing to a social media marketing agency. OnSpot Social changes all of that.

How many customers enter your store each day? Imagine if there was an easy way to entice a percentage of those customers to Like your business on Facebook right then and there. OnSpot Social is an iPad app that you can display in your store so that all of the customers who come through your doors have the opportunity to ‘Like’ your business on Facebook. Here’s how it works:

  • Customer enters your store an sees an iPad kiosk set up
  • Customer walks up to your iPad kiosk and is greeted with OnSpot Social.
  • Customer taps the Facebook logo on the iPad screen, enters his Facebook login information (which is not stored on the app), and click ‘LIKE’

Set Up an iPad Kiosk In Your Store

All that you need to make the above happen is either a 3G iPad or an iPad + WiFi at your store and our OnSpot Social app. We also always recommend that you purchase an iPad enclosure as part of your iPad kiosk, so that your iPad is protected. For an initial investment of a few hundred dollars you now have an excellent way to generate Facebook ‘Likes’ for your business.

Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business

It used to be that business owners who used Facebook to grow sales would hang a sticker (Facebook Window Cling) in their store window to let their customers know that they are on Facebook. There are more than a few problems with this strategy. The biggest issue is ease of connection. Customers who see your Facebook sign have to either remember that you’re on Facebook the next time they log-in from home, find your store’s Facebook page, and ‘Like’ your business. Obviously with this approach you’re going to lose a lot of possible ‘Likes’ just from people forgetting to complete the process after seeing your Facebook sign.

Getting customers to Like your business on Facebook through their mobile phone is another failed strategy. Here’s why. Customers have to pull out their smart phone, open the Facebook app, search for your business, and then ‘Like’ your Facebook page in order to get connected. Although this seems like an easy process, it can actually be frustrating for customers as searching for businesses on Facebook can be a pain. So let’s go ahead and scrap all that nonsense and just make it easy for your customers to Like your business on Facebook.

If you want to get more Facebook Likes then you have to make it easy for customers to connect with you. OnSpot Social not only captures the attention of your customers while they are in store, it also makes it extremely easy for those customers to Like your business on Facebook. Get connected with your customers today!

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