Convert Employees Into In-Store iPad Marketing Concierges

When it comes to using iPads in stores, at events, at stadiums, etc. success hinges on your ability to get your staff on board with your new marketing strategy. Many people have a misconception that the integration of technology into the brick-and-mortar business means job cuts. That absolutely does not have to be the case. For us, integrating iPad Marketing into your in-store experience simply means that some employees might take on a new role or have some new responsibilities geared towards helping execute your In-Store iPad Marketing tactics. It doesn’t have to mean that you replace employees with iPads. In fact, without the help your staff you are likely to not have as much success as you could if your employees were helping to manage your iPad Marketing tactics.

Employee Training for In-Store iPad Marketing

In-Store iPad Marketing is going to become a HUGE new trend for business owners. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, using an iPad to engage consumers offers too much value to be ignored. Although there are ways to leverage iPads, iPad apps, and iPad Kiosks so that you don’t need much help from employees in order for them to be effective, we feel that you will get much more out of your In-Store iPad Marketing efforts if you do have employees helping execute your In-Store iPad Marketing campaigns.

iPads are so easy to use that almost anyone can be trained to help you with your In-Store iPad Marketing campaign. That said, if you only need a few people to help out with it, then you might want to choose younger, tech-savvy employees to take on this new responsibility. They simply have a better understanding of how to use technology, are more patient with it, and will be better concierges for your business. Once you’ve identified the employees that you want to help you with this new initiative it’s time to start training them. Here are a few steps that you might want to consider taking while training employees to help with your In-Store iPad Marketing campaign:

  1. Explain the campaign and what your goals are. It’s important that the employees who are responsible for executing this new marketing tactic understand what you are trying to achieve. Once they understand the goals they will be more equipped to offer advice to customers as they know what you want to achieve, thus can point customers in that direction.
  2. Explain what their responsibilities are. You might have one or two people in charge of getting customers to engage with the iPad while in your store (ie. your concierge). You might have another person on-board for tech support. Finally, you could have a manager overseeing the entire process. Maybe you even appoint someone else to help you research iPad Marketing to help you come up with new ideas.
  3. Set a contingency plan in case something doesn’t work as designed or perhaps a customer has an issue with using the iPad or iPad application. Like anything else, when you innovate and try new things there will be learnings involved. Make sure you have a way of dealing with things in a professional manner as they arise. If issues do pop up, learn from them. Iterate. And get back at it.
  4. Implement an on-going status meeting or training support. When you implement something like this, which has so much potential to provide huge benefits to your business, keep a close eye on it. Check in with your employees on a regular basis to see how things are going. Your employees are your front line. They can provide feedback on what customers think about the new campaign, provide insights into new ways customers are using it that perhaps you didn’t assume would happen when you launched, but might make sense for you to incorporate into the campaign as you move forward. Stay in touch.

These are just a few ideas for getting your employees on board with this new marketing tactic. Employees who feel that they are being heard and are part of a fun new project will put much more love into what they are doing. This will only benefit you and the campaign.

Employees Become iPad Concierges for Your Business

Empowered employees can basically become your iPad Concierge. Over time customers will learn to come to them when they have questions about participating in the campaign. By establishing this relationship with customers through something fun like using an iPad in your store customers might get more comfortable in coming to those same employees when they have a question about a product. It’s all about enhancing the customer experience in your store so that they stay longer, come back more often, and BRING FRIENDS! Implementing an In-Store iPad Marketing strategy for your business can absolutely help you with this. By empowering employees to become your In-Store iPad Concierge you will get much more out of your new marketing campaign.

What do you think? Can employees handle this new responsibility? Will In-Store iPad Marketing really become as big a trend as we think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please take some time to leave a comment below.