How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business

Today, creating a Facebook business page is nearly an essential task for your business. Due to the millions of Facebook users, a Facebook business page offers an inexpensive way to advertise and connect with your customers. Once a Facebook user clicks the “Like” button on your business page, your page’s updates will begin to appear on their News Feeds on their Facebook homepage. Getting Facebook users to click “Like” for your page is achieved by effectively maintaining an interesting, relevant and frequently-updated page as well as including the Facebook logo on your advertisements. By adding the Facebook logo, this will encourage users to “Like” your page.

Below are a few ideas that may help your business’s Facebook page acquire more “Likes”:

Update Your Page Frequently: Update your page at least every few days. Facebook users that visit your page, but do not find any recent updates, may not be inclined to revisit or “Like” your page.

Advertise on Facebook: You can have Ads appear on the pages of Facebook users, including user profile pages. When a user’s friend “Likes” a page, a notation is made on the user’s pages. This flexibility provides direct links to your page within the Ads.

Suggest Your Business Page to Your Friends: By clicking the “Suggest Friends” option from the business page, an email to each of your Facebook friends will be sent. As a result, this will drive users to view your page. Include a direct link to your Facebook page on your business website. In addition, Facebook also offers a “Find us on Facebook” badge that can be downloaded so that it may be embedded on your website.

Set Up iPad Running OnSpot Social: OnSpot Social allows businesses the ability to collect Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers and customer email addresses at a physical location. Setting up an iPad with OnSpot Social can benefit nearly any business. Login to OnSpot Social and connect your Facebook page through the Facebook tab within the “Administration Section”. Customers will be able to tap on the Facebook icon, input their login information for Facebook and “Like” your Facebook page.