How Long Can I Leave An iPad Running In My Store?

With the release of Apple’s latest software iOS7, it is becoming more and more evident that a big trend is heading our way in terms of how businesses use iPads. The iPad has provided businesses with an amazing tool for displaying engaging digital content to consumers while in their store, at an event, etc. Apple’s new iOS7 software came with a number of new iPad features geared towards supporting this ever growing trend. This means Apple, a company America puts at the forefront of all American companies as a model and a leader in moving our society forward, sees the potential for this new trend of using iPads for business and marketing. In this article, we will cover a very important topic that numerous business owners who currently use, and those who plan to use iPads in their retail store, have a question about. That question? How long can I leave an iPad running in my store?

Before we get into the specifics in terms of an actual number of hours, we should call out a few requirements. When leaving an iPad or any tablet running in your store to be used as an iPad kiosk for consumers to interact with digital content through, it needs to be plugged in at all times for optimal performance and battery life. You should also have it secured with a locked kiosk of some sort OR have it in the hands of an employee who greets consumers almost as a concierge to let them interact with the device.

Ok, with those two things out of the way, the best we can do at answering this question is to provide you with the information we’ve collected or heard from our customers over the years. Most people report that they leave their iPads running approximately 8 – 14 hours per day and have no real issues over more than a few years. One of our readers actually left the following comment on one of our articles, which will also give you a good idea of how long you can leave an iPad running in your store, “Have you ever been to an Apple Store? Apple uses iPad 2’s for digital signage, and has for quite a while. They are typically going up to 13 hours a day, and plugged in 24/7 as well. An iPad used like this will last for years.” So there you have it, leaving an iPad running for 13 – 14 hours per day, as long as it’s plugged in and maintained, should last for years and years!

When it comes to servicing your iPad and managing the apps and activities that go on through the iPad, there are some really great iPad management tools out there. Moki Mobility is one such company. They provide iPad management software and reporting tools, as well as, iPad management services to businesses who are using iPads in-store for marketing. As this new trend continues to grow, more and more companies with products and services to support the trend will rise up. For now, a simple Google search will help you find the companies who are out there today.

Hopefully this quick article helped provided a little more clarity around the question of, How long can I leave an iPad running in my store? Let us know what your experience has been leaving iPads or other tablets running in your store, or at any physical location whereby they are being used by consumers, by leaving a comment below. We look forward to reading your stories.