How Do I Run A Successful Open House With The OnSpot Social App?

Fortunately, there are several open house apps to help you get ahead of your competition.  Even though, the worst nightmare for any professional realtor is how to choose one app to work with, from the several best realtor apps for an open home in the market today.

We all know that real estate job can be demanding at times. For this reason, we have reviewed the best realtor app for the open home to make it easier for you to get started on the right path.


How to run a successful open house with the OnSpot Social app
How to run a successful open house with the OnSpot Social app

Why choose OnSpot Social app?

OnSpot Social app is arguably the best real estate app for several reasons. The app is excellent and very useful for anyone actively searching for a house. Here are the features that make OnSpot your to go to realtor app:

1.   Easy lead management

OnSpot Social app is simply a breath of fresh air in the real estate industry. The app gives an ability to capture your leads’ email addresses at open houses.  The leads information is then directly added to the CRM of your choice. Additionally, the app lets you automatically send a text containing a link of the entire home information to any client who signs in through the app.

The app offers a customizable branding on any listing which includes pictures and data for specific homes.   Engagement with your customers is made easy thanks to the apps customizable questions that can be modified to fit a given audience. You will also be able to sort out your leads depending on where they are in the sales process and send relevant email content for follow up.

The app comes with several email templates that can be customized and used to follow up with the client. Additionally, the app gives you the ability to add your notes and export all the information to the CRM of your choice for future nurturing.

One of the best ways to grow your business is by spreading a word out there about your business. The app lets you convert your leads to social media followers. This way you can grow your social media following an increase in brand visibility.

2.   Insightful tours

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OnSpot Social boosts robust property information, high definition home images. Its 3D virtual tours feature helps the client have a detailed insight into the house they intend to buy. This feature lets your client compare properties without having to visit the homes in person.

3.   Digital contests

OnSpot Social app can spice up your prospects’ day and help you attract as many leads as possible. Just make use of the app’s contest feature to encourage leads to sign up in exchange for some small token of value. Remember real estate business thrives on leads generated for nurturing.

4.   Easy task management

As a business owner, you are probably overwhelmed. OnSpot Social lets you assign tasks to the members of your team fast so that together you can work closely to meet your business goals.

The app lets you filter between properties for sale and rental homes as well as enable push notifications for new and available listings. Additionally, all the relevant market updates will be automatically sent to your client’s email thanks to the app’s automation feature. Additionally, the app makes it possible for you to share other listings to your potential buyers during open house viewings.

Amazingly OnSpot Social reminds you to send out follow up messages to clients that you have previously had contact with.  With its fast social media integration, you can now share any available listing with a larger audience on several social media platforms.

  • Your prospects’ messages will also be displayed on the app so that you can make follow up conversations easily.

5.   Work from anywhere

OnSpot Social app lets you work remotely. This simply means that you can go on with your business as normal even in areas where there is no internet connection. The app even lets you schedule out emails and texts and have them sent out the next time you have an internet connection.

6.   Real-time data

Any realtor will love an app that boosts real-time estate data. OnSpot Social app makes data analysis so easy and delivers to your prospects in no time.  Information such as neighborhood overviews, nearby facilities and profit trends are easily displayed on the app providing you with a firm ground for better and fast engagement, negotiations and sells.

The app lets you answer your clients’ questions instantly so that you do not lose out any possibility of making a sale.

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