Hotels Use Tablets for Enhancing Guest Experiences

Hotels are one of the best environments for using tablets for marketing and to enhance guest experiences. There are so many areas within hotels to set up tablets in secure stands or tabletop kiosks. More and more hotels use tablets these days than just 6 – 12 months ago. This new in-store tablet marketing trend is growing at a very rapid rate as people begin to see all of the benefits tablets can bring to their business.

Hotels Use Tablets At The Front Desk

One of the most effective areas to place tablets at hotels is the front desk. Every single person who stays at the hotel most likely visits the front desk at least once during their stay. Whether you place the tablet in a counter top kiosk or a floor stand near the waiting area at the front desk, hotels can ensure guests see their tablets by placing them at or near the front desk. Hotels use tablets at the front desk for a number of different initiatives, such as for digital signage, to showcase restaurant menus, display hotel maps, or even to encourage guests to sign-up for future marketing initiatives through an app like OnSpot Social. Regardless of the initiatives, hotels can be confident that the majority of guests will come into contact with their tablets by placing them at or near the front desk.

Hotels Use Tablets In Guest Rooms

Using tablets in guest rooms is another great way to leverage tablets at hotels. Guests are beginning to expect leading hotels to offer these products to them, and those who do are seeing a ton of value in it. There are more and more third party apps being created every day for use in hotel rooms, apps for controlling the lights and air condition/heat. Remote control apps for controlling the TV. On top of that, hotels are creating their own applications for use on the iPads in the hotel room. Guests are enjoying the access to the internet, as well as, all of the different apps that are loaded on these iPads. Not only are there great uses for the iPad to add value to the guest experience, but you can also use the iPads for marketing in hotel rooms. Apps like OnSpot Social perform incredibly well when hotels use tablets in guest rooms.

Hotels Use Tablets In The Lobby

Another great location to leverage when hotels use tablets is the lobby. Other than the front desk, and in some cases, maybe even more so, the lobby is one of the main traffic areas for hotel guests. Stationing a few floor stand iPad kiosks in strategic areas of the hotel lobby is a great place to capture your guests’ attention. The hotel lobby is one of the best places to use an iPad as a digital sign as well, simply because what we stated earlier, it’s a high traffic area.

Hotels Use Tablets In Hotel Restaurants & Bars

Last, but certainly not least, are the hotel bars and restaurants. Hotels use tablets in their bars and restaurants because it’s another opportunity to capture their guests’ attention. Guests are constantly coming in and out of the hotel bar and restaurant. Not only that, but it’s the one location other than their room where they are not really in a rush, or on the move. Hotels who strategically place tablets on the hotel bar, or in the hotel restaurant lobby, are taking advantage of this time factor, and guests are much more likely to engage with the tablet in these areas. These areas, more so than say the lobby, are really a great place to use OnSpot Social to collect data on the iPad from your guests.

Hotels around the world are beginning to use tablets for marketing, and to enhance the guest experience. Hotels use tablets in a variety of locations, and in a variety of ways. More and more hotel-related apps are coming onto the market. The next time you’re tasked with coming up with the next big marketing campaign for your hotel, we hope you’ll consider using tablets to achieve your hotel marketing goals.