How To Get More Twitter Followers App

When it comes to social media marketing for business, Twitter ranks up there with Facebook as one of the top social media marketing tools businesses use in a variety of ways. Twitter is a great marketing channel for businesses to use for connecting with their target audience. That said, far too often companies don’t have a specific Twitter strategy, thus they don’t find value in using Twitter for business. In order to get the most out of Twitter for sales and marketing, companies must determine how they want to use Twitter, as well as, how they plan to get quality Twitter followers. Without followers, Twitter is nothing more than a loud microphone that falls on deaf ears.

5 Ways Businesses Use Twitter For Business

Depending on the type of business you have, and your customer-type, Twitter can be used in a number of different ways. Here are 5 of the top ways businesses are currently using Twitter:

  • Customer Service – More and more, companies are using Twitter for customer service. Whether it’s to announce a product recall, a store closing due to weather, or to answer product and service questions from customers and prospects, consumers have come to expect that a company will have a Twitter account that they can get customer service-related information from.
  • Lead Generation – Using Twitter for lead generation is one of the number one uses companies have for Twitter. There are a number of Twitter tools that companies can use to segment Twitter users and find appropriate targets.
  • Contests – A number of companies use Twitter to run contests. It’s a great channel for getting your contests in front of your target audience. There are also a lot of fun ways to use Twitter for contests. Consumers love taking part in fun Twitter contests where they can win prizes, discounts, etc.
  • Sales & Promotions – Announcing sales and promotions on Twitter is a great way to generate traffic to your store and/or interest in your products and services.
  • Customer Feedback – Companies use Twitter to collect customer feedback on products, services, prices, and much more. Twitter is a great tool for collecting feedback because you can get personal perspectives from your customers and prospects in real time. People are more apt to share insights and feedback with businesses through Twitter compared with filling out paper surveys or other traditional feedback mechanisms.

Once you have a clear understanding for how you’ll use Twitter for your business, the next step is to get more Twitter followers for your business.


Using An iPad to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Business

How can I get more Twitter followers? It’s the number one question small-to-medium size businesses ask their marketing agency partners. That said, it might not actually be the right question. Far too often companies are too concerned with the quantity of Twitter followers, without enough emphasis placed on the quality of the follower. The best mix is to have a high number of high quality Twitter followers. With the release of OnSpot Social, companies can now use an iPad to get more Twitter followers for their business. Using an iPad in your company’s store, at an event booth, etc. ensures companies are collecting high quality Twitter followers because if someone takes time to visit your store, that means they have at least some interest in your products or services. Converting those folks into Twitter followers will allow you to interact with them in the future through a very cheap marketing channel, and ultimately convert them into a repeat customer.

Collecting Twitter followers with OnSpot Social is quick and easy, which allows companies to sign up a high quantity of followers in a short amount of time. Consumers simply enter their Twitter handle and password into the app, tap Follow, and that person automatically becomes a follower of your company in real time. You can even use OnSpot Social to provide an incentive to get more Twitter followers. Some companies using OnSpot Social in their store offer a discount on a purchase, others enter everyone who follows them on Twitter through the iPad into a contest. There are a number of different ways to entice consumers to follow your company on Twitter. Now, you just have to get an iPad, subscribe to OnSpot Social, and come up with a creative strategy for using the two products to help get more Twitter followers for your business.