An Easy Way To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Business

The biggest challenge that business owners face when it comes to social media marketing, is finding the time and/or budget to continually grow their Facebook community. Getting more Facebook Likes is probably the number one goal for almost every business using social media marketing to connect with, and engage, their prospects and customers. Up until a year ago, the best way to accomplish this goal was to either spend a lot of time, or spend a lot of money, pounding the “digital pavement’ so to speak in order to get people to Like your Facebook page. With the release of the iPad, coupled with the release of OnSpot Social in May 2012, business owners finally have a cost effective tool which they can use to get more Facebook Likes.

Use An iPad to Get More Facebook Likes

Through OnSpot Social, business owners can use iPads in their stores, at events, in museums & aquariums, on college campuses, really any physical location whereby they are interacting with their target audience. Currently, almost every store we pass by has signs up in their windows or somewhere in their store saying “Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter”. Facebook Window Clings have been all the rage. Unfortunately, this strategy has many holes. First, you’re relying on the individual to find your Facebook page on their mobile phone and then Like you. That’s best case scenario. Worst case scenario is they wait until they get home in front of their computer, but at that point, you’ve lost their interest and only a small portion of the consumer who might have Liked your Facebook page will now remember to do so.

By using an iPad in your store you can convert many more consumers into Facebook Likes because they are in your store, which means they are interested in your business, and you are making it easy for them by simply having them tap the screen, enter their login information, and tap Like. OnSpot Social does the rest, which includes automatically logging them out so that their Facebook information is not compromised. OnSpot Social is the new fast, easy, and cost-effective way to grow your Facebook community.

Benefits of Collecting Facebook Likes with An iPad

There are a ton of benefits to using OnSpot Social + iPads in your business for marketing to customers and prospects. Here are a few of the biggest benefits your business will receive if you decide to move forward with this new marketing strategy:

  • Collect many more Facebook Likes than any other marketing tactic you’ve tried in the past
  • Save money on your social media marketing budget. OnSpot Social is reasonably priced below $15/month if you purchase the annual subscription. When you think about how much some businesses spend each month on social media marketing, using this new tool is a no brainer.
  • Customers will start to see you as an innovative and fun company. Let’s face it, we are still at the beginning of this new trend, so any early adopter business who begins using iPads in their store will benefit from the word of mouth exposure that’s sure to follow as consumers tell their friends about using an iPad in your store.
  • Customers will stay in your store longer, if even for only the few seconds it takes to Like your Facebook page. That said, from what we have seen, customers who use OnSpot social to Like your Facebook page end up staying longer in the store as they now feel an emotional connection to your business.
  • You now have the ability to run fun contests & promotions which leverage the iPad and OnSpot Social. This has the ability to increase sales if you tie in some sort of discount on a purchase in exchange for Liking your Facebook page. The opportunities are really limitless. All that it takes is a little creativity.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using OnSpot Social to get more Facebook Likes for your business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to find out about our multiple subscription discounts. Many of our customers have seen their Facebook community increase 100%, 500%, and in some cases over 1,000% after turning to OnSpot Social.

You can do the same.