Top 6 Features of OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is an iPad app that allows business owners to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, & Customer Email Addresses in their store. With technologies like WiFi and iPad, In-Store Marketing has been digitized. For the first time since the advent of the internet, business owners now have an efficient way of converting in-store shoppers into digital connections.

As we all know by now, the power of a quality online community is tremendous for business owners. Online Marketing is more efficient, effective, and cheaper than traditional marketing tactics. The only challenge is building that quality online community. Challenge no more. Use an iPad in your store, along with OnSpot Social, to revolutionize the way you build your online community for your business.

For our Version 1.0 release OnSpot Social will include these top 6 features for business owners to take advantage of when marketing to their customers at a physical location.

  1. Digital Sign
  2. Collect Facebook Likes
  3. Collect Twitter Followers
  4. Collect Email Addresses
  5. Multiple iPad Synching
  6. Real-Time Reports

Convert Your iPad Into a Digital Sign

Signage has been a marketing staple since the beginning of the Advertising Age. In-Store signs help business owners communicate important things to shoppers, like sales, events, new products, promotional opportunities, etc. The problem? Every time you want to switch your message or the look of your sign you must create and print a whole new sign. This goes away with OnSpot Social. Use OnSpot Social to run a digital sign on your iPad.

Two other notable features that are part of the digital are:

  • Upload Your Business Logo – Upload your business logo OR any image you’d like to display on your digital sign. OnSpot Social allows you to upload a logo from your iPad’s Photo Library, from Facebook, or from any web page on the internet.
  • Create a Custom Message for Shoppers – Business owners can create a custom message to display on their digital sign. Customize font size, style, & color to make your digital sign message pop!

Collect Facebook Likes on an iPad

Trying to find ways to get more Facebook Likes for your Facebook Business Page? Why not use an iPad and OnSpot Social in your store to convert shoppers into Facebook Likes? OnSpot Social makes it extremely easy for your customers to Like your business on Facebook on an iPad. A nice additional feature is that anyone who has ALREADY Liked your Facebook page will not get connected. OnSpot Social is smart enough to compare the new Like to your existing Facebook community while not storing the customer’s Facebook information. Different sounds and messages will pop-up based on whether the connection was successful or unsuccessful.

Collect Twitter Followers on an iPad

Twitter can be an extremely powerful social media marketing tool for business owners. The key is building a quality Twitter following. Who better to have follow your business on Twitter than the consumers who stop by your store? OnSpot Social allows you to collect Twitter Followers through an iPad in your store.

Collect Customer Email Addresses on an iPad

Ah, the elusive customer email address. Do you enjoy collecting customer email addresses on a pad of paper and then typing them into your computer? That’s a good use of your time, right? Forget that. No more will you lose email addresses because you cannot read someone’s awful handwriting. No more will you have to transfer your handwritten customer email addresses to your computer. Use OnSpot Social and an iPad to collect customer email addresses right in your store. Then login at OnSpotSocial.com to securely download your email list. It’s that easy!

Use Multiple iPads Across One or Many Locations

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Want to use multiple iPads at one location? No problem. Have multiple locations that you want to use OnSpot Social at? No problem. Create an account for your business and then add as many iPads as you’d like to your subscription plan. All iPads set up under your account will act as one and allow you to grow your online community at an even quicker pace.

Real-Time Reports Show Total Facebook, Twitter & Email Connections

Finally, a tool that actually allows you to put some ROI behind your social media marketing. OnSpot Analytics will show you how many total Facebook, Twitter, and Email Connections you have collected through OnSpot Social. You can now see how effective your In-Store Marketing is in less than a few seconds. Simply tap the Reports tab within the Administrative Section of OnSpot Social to see how many new Facebook Likes you’ve collected, how many total Twitter Followers you’ve collected, and how many customers have shared their email address with you. These same reports can be accessed through your OnSpot Social Web Account.

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