Forget Facebook Window Clings, Collect Facebook Likes Right in Your Store

How many stores do you go into these days where you see that sign in the window or at the cash register… you know the one, the one with the Facebook logo that says, “‘Like’ us on Facebook”? For a while it was a great strategy. In fact, I even recommended it to clients of my social media marketing agency, Catalyst Marketers. However, times have changed and technology has evolved. The main goal of Facebook Window Clings is to let customers who come into your store, or pass by your store window, know that you’re on Facebook. The issue with Facebook Window Clings is that it puts a lot of onus on the customer. That customer either has to remember your business the next time they’re on Facebook, search for you, and then ‘Like’ your business OR they have to whip out their smart phone, open the Facebook app, search for your business, and then ‘Like’ you. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like a LOT of work!

Forget all that Window Cling non-sense. Now, with OnSpot Social, you can actually collect Facebook Likes in your store. Instead of posting that Facebook Window Cling in your store window, setup an iPad at your store counter OR even better, create an iPad Kiosk somewhere in the store (a high traffic area) so that your customers take notice. First off, people will gravitate towards an iPad if they see it in a store. As of now, it’s unusual to see an iPad in-store (we feel that’s all about to change in the very near future though). Purchase OnSpot Social and leave it open on your iPad. Then when customers approach it they will see that they can actually ‘Like’ your business on Facebook, Follow you on Twitter, or provide you with their e-mail address in order to join your e-mail list. All that it takes is a few taps on the screen and viola, that customer is now connected to your business on social media. Sure beats the alternative Window Cling, doesn’t it?

Collect Facebook Likes

OnSpot Social is an iPad application that allows businesses to collect social media connections and e-mail addresses from customers as they enter their store. You can even create a custom message to display encouraging customers to connect with you. OnSpot Social offers many advantages to business owners looking to find better ways to grow their Facebook community, Twitter following, and e-mail marketing list. Facebook Window Clings were great for a while, but with all technology, OnSpot Social is the new game in town. Check it out for yourself and let us know how it goes!

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