Essential Business Apps for an iPad

If you own an iPad and are currently wondering how you can use this device for your business, you will be happy to know that there are many business apps for an iPad available today that can help you effectively run your business:

Stay Organized

Agenda: Agenda is a helpful app for any business as it allows you to create organized, networked, interactive calendars. With this app, you have the option of broadcasting the agenda to other iPads that share the same Wi-Fi network. Simply put, this app can help make meetings more productive and effective. In addition, if you need to share a copy of the agenda, it can easily be emailed as a PDF.

Stay Connected

Skype: As a champion of VoIP, Skype is an exceptional app to use when holding video conferences or for one-on-one calls. Need your calls recorded? No problem! Use Skype with QuickVoice so that you may record all of your calls to review them later.

OnSpot Social: Another great and versatile iPad app for business is OnSpot Social. Convert your business’ traffic into Social Media and Email connections and view real-time analytics of Facebook “Likes”, followers on Twitter and amount of email addresses collected.

Stay Secure

SwipedOn: This unique application gives visitors and members of your staff the ability to easily swipe in and out (as opposed to a traditional in/out board). It is also a great tool that lets you monitor who is on site with swipe code security and visitor registration and recording. For even more security, SwipedOn also gives you the option to print I.D. photos of your visitors.

Stay Integrated

Penultimate: Penultimate is known as the original and most popular handwriting app for the iPad, especially for businesses. As the name suggests, this app provides the user with the natural experience of writing on paper. It features both Dropbox and Evernote integration as well as several options for sharing your notes, sketches and ideas.