Discover the Best IPad Apps For Sales Reps In The Field

How possible is it for you to juggle information about several clients,  inventories,  price updates, and proposals? Ipad apps for sales reps are here to save you the headache. Such apps ensure uninterrupted access to all the information that you need in order to win your prospects and make sales fast.

Any sales rep with an iPad in their hand is an unleashed sales magnet. Sales reps can now take orders from remote locations, close deals with customers and keep communications with other sales reps going.


Discover the Best IPad Apps For Sales Reps In The Field - OnSpot Social App
Discover the Best IPad Apps For Sales Reps In The Field – OnSpot Social App


Why OnSpot Social as your best iPad app for sales reps in the field?

For years now, OnSpot Social app has managed to stay ahead of the completion thanks to its unmatched features. Here is why OnSpot Social is should be every sales rep’s best friend:

1. Surveys and contact forms

Any data collected in the field is vital for business growth.  The signing of contracts is paramount for sales. Even though, an iPad or laptop for a real estate agent or sales rep is not necessary. OnSpot Social app’s iPad form software reduces the necessary equipment for a realtor or sales rep to a mere iPad. No more carrying of a pack of papers!.

  • All contact forms are signed electronically and uploaded to the main officer server which makes them easily retrievable at any particular time.

2. Purposeful planning

It is overwhelming following up with prospects and clients? There is so much to keep track of and you might lose it on the way.  The fact is sales reps may not be able to keep tabs of all that happens in any growing firm. OnSpot Social app boosts a scheduling function that allows the sales reps to plan their day and track their clients effortlessly. As if not enough, the app keeps details of all your meetings and lets you know who to visit and where to visit them. This function is more so time-saving for realtors and field sales reps.

3. Special offers and promotions

Any system of discount and special offer is not easy for any new sales rep to comprehend. It is not even possible to bear all that in the mind in the first place.  Remember telling a customer about a discount they will get or running offers may help close a sale fast.

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OnSpot Social app comes with a special offer feature that helps the sales reps remain on top of their sales game. The app lets the sales rep key in the necessary data in the available fields so that they are able to know whether the customer gets any special offer

4. Data collection

OnSpot Social is the leading data collection app for iPad. It is the ideal sales and tracking software for any business that intends to increase its sales significantly. The app lets realtors and sales rep collect data about their customers even when they are in remote areas without any hassle.

Managers can also use the timesheet feature to monitor real-time activities of the sales reps in the filed.

5. Increased productivity

This is no brainer.   Easy access to customer data, schedules and calendar make operations run smoothly thus increased sales. With the OnSpot Social sales rep app, you will be amazed by how fast it is to push prospects through the sales funnel.

6. Customer engagement

In any business, regular connection with clients is the key to keeping your reputation strong with your customers and staying persistent with your potential customers.

OnSpot Social app allows you to store your contacts, schedule your emails, store scanned business cards and many more. All these features ensure that you keep the communication going with your clients and prospects that you need to follow up.

OnSpot Social makes it possible for a sales rep to check details of their last meeting, needs of the customer, products and services they are interested in and many more. This helps them get prepared in the shortest time possible for their meetings thus creating a good impression that is necessary for making sales.


Discover the Best IPad Apps For Field Sales - OnSpot Social App
Discover the Best IPad Apps For Field Sales – OnSpot Social App


7. Digital catalog

OnSpot Social app boosts high-resolution product images that are perfectly organized into a navigable digital catalog. The images can be zoomed when details are needed. This feature saves the sales reps, realtors, colleges, and clubs and bars the trouble of transporting and showcasing cumbersome product samples.

8. Seamless integration

Gone are the days when sales reps were forced to enter all data collected in the field upon arriving in the office. The best sales rep app is integrated with virtually every software.  OnSpot Social app easily integrates to other customer relationship management systems to allow realtors and sales reps to enter information collected in the filed much faster.  Additionally, the app synchronizes the orders made to accounting, issuing and tracking systems enabling the back office team to fulfill the customer orders in the shortest time possible.

The integration allows any business to get access to real-time updates so that they can monitor their sales.  Clubs, bars and colleges can define what part of the sales team is not meeting the business goals and where to focus the resources.

9. Customer service

For a good reason, customer service goes hand in hand with sales. The main goal of your business should be to retain your customers and not to close a one time sale. Customers are always looking for value and level of customer service brands accord them. It is therefore vital that your sales app offers timely customer support to keep you on your business.

  • OnSpot Social app boasts a team of expert that works tirelessly to offer you support whenever you need it.

10. Offline capabilities

When a sales app works offline, sales rep, realtors, bar and club salespeople have no excuse for downtime. OnSpot Social lets the sales reps access vital information such as customer order history, pricing, and much more while on the go.  The app saves you the agony of having to call the back office to check and confirm numbers. This vital information is now stored in the sales rep app and instantly available when offline.

Final thoughts

Access to information is one of the challenges that sales reps in the field face. Sales rep apps let you enhance functionality by adding features thus low risks and increased productivity.  With the OnSpot Social app, you do not have to juggle between tons of apps and websites. The app is designed to integrate all the essential features to help clubs, bars, realtors and sales reps in the field increase their productivity easily.

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