Turn An iPad Into A Digital Sign For Your Business

Until recently, there was a limited number of methods to communicate a message to customers visiting your business.  Typically, smaller businesses would scribble a message on a piece of paper and tape it to a wall.  Businesses with larger budgets would employ a graphic designer to create their store front posters that would be printed on high gloss poster board.  Although effective to a point, there are some major drawbacks to the traditional paper poster approach.  Obviously, whenever your message changes or information needs to be updated, this requires a new design and poster printed.  Another issue is that you’re wasting paper, ink, and money.

Now that we are living in the “digital age,” wouldn’t it make sense to use technology to solve your in-store signage problems?  Digital sign and digital billboard apps allow a business to easily turn their iPad into a communication medium to use with their customers.  Although the display screen may not be the size of a large poster board, there are some major advantages which are noted below:

Quickly Change Your Message – Did you just print a poster or flyer on an upcoming event but the event information changed after the fact?  Do you offer in-store specials that change day-to-day?   If using a digital sign app, these changes would be free to make and could be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Professional Look – A good digital sign app will allow for multiple color and font choices.  Also, no need to worry about the quality of pictures or text your printer can handle printing.  If you work with a graphic designer, the possibilities of what can be created on a digital display such as an iPad are endless.

“Catch Customers’ Attention” Factor – Although you may have spent a decent amount on fancy paper and bright colored print, a poster requires a good light source over it.  Also, a poster is static.  With a digital billboard, the screen illuminates it’s own light, enabling you to display it even in dark corners of your business.  More importantly, digital billboards allow for animation which can effectively catch the attention of a passerby.

Save Trees & Money – Cutting down on printed materials and paper products around your business helps to eliminate waste and save trees.  Although an iPad is a considerable up front cost, over time money can be saved when paper, printing, and design costs are avoided.

Multiple Uses – A digital sign iPad app can be used in many ways, across numerous industries.  To date, we have seen them being used to show in-store specials, business hours, business events, dish of the day, drink specials, pictures of new products and menu items, and positive customer feedback.

As iPads make their way into businesses around the globe, new ways of utilizing them are created every day.  What innovative use of an iPad in a business have you seen recently?

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