Six Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Good For Churches

Ever hear of newsletter marketing in the digital age? Well, if you haven’t here’s the rundown. Religious organizations can now use all of the tools that businesses and other groups have been utilizing for some time now. Why not make your statements and activities known via online outreach and social media? It may seem overwhelming, but here are six reasons why digital marketing will be beneficial to your religious outreach:

1. Make Your Voice Matter

While many outlets in the religious industry ignore the internet, you may find that it is the newest way to reach new interest in the cause. While your voice matters in the pulpit and in traditional newsletters, your voice may not matter to the everyday Joe. This is why you speak. This is why you get that voice (and those people) out there. Internet marketing is the key to reaching people in your cause.

2. Relevance for Today

While being immersed in pop culture is not the main focus of the religious affiliation, relevance in society is beneficial for reaching people for your cause. This shouldn’t mean that religious organizations aren’t reaching out. It shouldn’t mean that organizations aren’t using the tools at their fingertips to make their voice heard.
Not sure about Twitter? How many Twitter religious voices have you heard of? Sounds like a big market for change.

Instead of staying away in this sense, create a digital marketing campaign that can get the word out there like a missionary used to. Social media could be the new mission work for churches. It is certainly a way to reach people internationally, worldwide, for the cause.

3. A Thing of the Past

While normal use of preaching and newsletters and word of mouth is certainly not dead, making your voice a thing of the past is never good. If you want to reach younger audiences, speak to the new generations, the time is now. Don’t make your religious message a thing of the past.

4. Textual Content

The actual content of your digital marketing is important. While a Tweet is 140 characters and a blog about 300 words, you have a platform for making your message relevant and poignant to the online user. This content should be thought out and effective.

5. Making the Facts Known

How many times have you reminded a parishioner of a verse? How many times have you corrected a visitor that what they’ve heard about religion wasn’t exactly accurate? The digital age shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance. It should be seen as an opportunity to make that message truly hit home. It should be used as a message to all people searching for hope. It should BE hope. This is the true message behind faith-based digital marketing.

6. Taking it Home

Each post you place online, each tweet, each little comment you make; each one should lead the viewer or the reader back to home. Either your website or your church base. This is how you truly gain a larger audience. By creating digital marketing content, you will be reaching a larger audience and creating “backtraffic” as they call it, for your home base. Somebody may come and shake your hand, saying, “I heard about you on your blog,” or “I read something you wrote on Facebook.”

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This is always a good thing, isn’t it?

Digital marketing is growing exponentially. As a religious-based entity, however, there’s too much at stake to deny its influence in reaching people for the cause.