Configuring iPad For A Kiosk

Setting-up your iPad to work with OnSpot Social is fast and simple and allows you to optimize your Onspot experience.  For example, you can disable the home button and even change the keyboard to function in a different language (other than English).   Just follow the tips below and you’ll be up and running and making the most of the OnSpot app in minutes.

Guided Access:

There is a new feature within iOS6 called Guided Access.  This feature enables you to lock the home button by setting a passcode, thus preventing users from leaving the OnSpot app and viewing your home screen or venturing into other areas of your iPad.

To enable the Guided Access feature, go to the SETTINGS menu of your iPad then go to-

  • General,  Accessibility
  • Guided Access- turn ON
  • Set your Passcode
  • Auto-Lock – select NEVER
  • Exit Settings, then close and reopen the OnSpot app
  • Triple-click the iPad Home Button to view the Guided Access menu
  • Set the following settings:  Hardware Buttons: Always OFF, Touch: ON, Motion: ON
  • Touch “Start” in the upper right corner

Other General Settings:

There are other settings you can adjust to be sure OnSpot runs smoothly and is not interrupted by other iPad features.

To properly set these features, go to the SETTINGS menu of your iPad, then go to-

  • Notifications and turn them OFF
  • Multitasking Gestures- turn OFF

International Keyboards:

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Your iPad allows you to use multiple languages for your keyboard, thus customizing your OnSpot app depending upon the language or languages used most prevalently in your region.  Once you set your language, a small globe icon will appear on your keyboard.  Tap the globe icon to switch between keyboard languages.

To change the keyboard, go to the SETTINGS menu of your iPad, then go to-

  • General,  International, Keyboards
  • Tap “Add New Keyboard”
  • Choose your Keyboard/Language
  • Press the EDIT button in the top right corner to re-order the list of languages and change the default language (always the first language listed).  You can even delete the English keyboard altogether, if you choose.