Collecting Facebook Likes For Your Business Is Easy...

…when you have the right tools and strategy in place. Social media marketing has taken the business world by storm over the past few years. Facebook and Twitter have received most of the attention from the widest variety of businesses around the globe in terms of using them for social media marketing. Companies around the world have been focused on building a large online community of high quality customers & prospects via Facebook. That said, even after a few years of spending time and money on growing the Facebook community, a large majority of these companies are still having trouble finding a cost effective way of collecting Facebook Likes.

How Can I Get More Facebook Likes for My Business?

During my days of running a social media marketing agency the number one question that I would get asked when pitching new clients was, how can our business collect more Facebook Likes? This was especially true for small and medium-sized companies as they didn’t have the brand awareness like large organizations. As many of you reading this article know, in order to be successful with Facebook Marketing it takes time, a solid plan, and the right tools.

Tools For Collecting Facebook Likes

Most companies who have been using Facebook Marketing over the past few years are aware of all of the online tools out there designed to collect Facebook Likes, so we won’t get into those in this article. What we will discuss is a relatively new set of tools that innovative businesses are currently using to collect more Facebook Likes. Those two Facebook Marketing tools are:

Companies all over the world are putting tablets in their store to engage consumers with digital content. With the release of OnSpot Social in May 2012, these same organizations are using their tablets with OnSpot Social to collect Facebook Likes in their store.

How to Collect Facebook Likes with An iPad

Collecting Facebook Likes with an iPad and OnSpot Social is a very easy process for both the business and the consumer. Below we will break down the steps companies will take to configure OnSpot Social to collect Facebook Likes and then we will review the steps the consumer will take to Like your company’s Facebook page.

Configuring OnSpot Social to Collect Facebook Likes

Setting up OnSpot Social to collect Facebook Likes is extremely simple and can be completed very quickly. Follow the steps below and you will be collecting Facebook Likes in just a minute or two.

  1. Tap the Facebook tab within the Administrative Section of OnSpot Social
  2. Input your Facebook URL “username” – Your username is the custom name after the backslash. For example, our Facebook URL is Facebook.com/OnSpotSocial so our Facebook username is OnSpotSocial. If you don’t have a custom username simply enter your Facebook URL ID which is the set of numbers after the backslash.
  3. Choose to turn on, or leave off, any of the three additional Facebook feature options, such as whether you’d like to include a QR Code or Email the link option for consumers to choose from. You can learn more about these features by reading our User Manual.
  4. Tap the checkbox at the top of the screen to turn on the “Collect Facebook Likes” feature
  5. Tap Done to take you to the Kiosk Display Screen and you’re ready to start collecting Facebook Likes!

Using OnSpot Social to Like A Company’s Facebook Page

If you thought configuring OnSpot Social to collect Facebook Likes was easy, consumers have it even easier. The steps below are what consumers must do in order to Like your company’s Facebook page via OnSpot Social.

  1. Tap the Facebook icon on the Kiosk Display Screen
  2. Enter your Facebook email address and password (consumers’ login credentials are not stored anywhere thus there is no way that anyone can get access to them)
  3. Once the company’s Facebook pages loads simply tap the Like button just like you would if you were liking a Facebook page from your computer
  4. That’s it! OnSpot Social will automatically log the consumer out so that the next person waiting to Like your Facebook page cannot access the previous person’s Facebook account

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See, I told you collecting Facebook Likes for your business would be easy! So, what do you think? Has this solved your biggest social media challenge? I sure hope so. If you feel compelled, and have the time, leave us a comment below to let me know what you think of this Facebook Marketing strategy. For those of you who are interested, you can download OnSpot Social for free from the App Store, and then purchase a subscription for OnSpot Social from our online store.