An Easy Way to Collect 300% More Customer Email Addresses

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of customer email addresses that you collect? Email Marketing is a great way for businesses to provide content to their customers. That said, many businesses either struggle to build a robust customer email list OR have to pay a hefty fee to a marketing agency for help with their Email Marketing. All of this is about to change with the launch of OnSpot Social.

OnSpot Social is the first iPad application designed to allow businesses to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and CUSTOMER EMAIL ADDRESSES at a physical location. More and more businesses are finding innovative ways to use iPad in their stores. Lebron James put iPads in his new apparel store. A restaurant chain in California is using iPads as menus and for allowing customers to place orders from their table. Businesses of all types are integrating point-of-sale systems on iPads. I think it’s fair to say that the In-Store iPad Revolution has begun! Now, with OnSpot Social, businesses can solve one of their biggest marketing challenges, growing their online community.

OnSpot Social was tested in Manhattan Bagel, a bagel & coffee chain. For one month the owner of a local Manhattan Bagel put an iPad right next to his cash register. He used OnSpot Social to collect customer email addresses. Customers couldn’t help but be drawn to the iPad when they were paying for their order. With a few taps on the screen they were able to successfully opt-in to Manhattan Bagel’s email newsletter program for a chance to receive special offers and coupons.

After the test period was over the owner of Manhattan Bagel checked the Reporting tab on OnSpot Social to see how many customer email addresses he collected with OnSpot Social. He knew it was doing well, but to his amazement he found out that he captured email addresses from 10% of all patrons who walked into his store throughout the month, which was a 300% increase in the number of customer email addresses he had been collecting with a paper sign-up sheet. Approximately 2,000 patrons enter this particular Manhattan Bagel each month. During the month OnSpot Social was running, they collected over 200 customer email addresses!

OnSpot Social is extremely easy to setup and use. If you own a business and you have a physical location whereby customers visit you, definitely take some time to download and try OnSpot Social for free. If you’re even half as successful as Manhattan Bagel, you’ll have a large customer email database that you can start marketing to after only a few months.

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