Collect Social Media Connections at Speaking Events

Do you speak at a lot of live events, either as part of your job description or because you’re kind of a big deal and people want to hear from you? Live speaking events are a great venue for collecting social media connections and e-mail addresses from your target audience. Think about it. If you’re speaking at an event, it’s going to be on a topic you’re an expert in, which means those in attendance are interested in that topic. Odds are some of the audience members are already connected to you, or your company, on Facebook and Twitter. With that said, there is probably a large portion of attendees who are not connected with you yet. Now is the time to get those folks on board.

Many different professionals should use OnSpot Social and iPad to collect Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and e-mail subscribers at their speaking events. Here are a few professional-types who would benefit from utilizing this approach:

  • Executives from businesses both large and small who are asked to speak at industry conferences
  • Authors
  • Professional athletes
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Teachers
  • Politicians
  • Researchers

If you don’t own your own business, I’m sure your company would love for you to use OnSpot Social to collect social media connections and e-mail subscribers for their business. If you are an author, professional athlete, etc. you can also take advantage of OnSpot Social if you use social media and e-mail to connect with your fans. A great example of a professional athlete who uses social media to connect with fans is Chad Ochocinco. Chad probably goes to a ton of live events, whether he speaks at them is another story, but he could absolutely use OnSpot Social during those live events to grow his social media following even more.

Next time you’re asked to participate in a live speaking event, be sure to use that opportunity to collect social media connections and e-mail subscribers for you, or your company.

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