Collect Facebook Likes on iPad Offline With the Latest OnSpot Social Version Update

What started as a brainstorming session to improve upon our Facebook Likes collection process ended in a full blow app upgrade packed full of new features. OnSpot Social has been available in the App Store for about 2 months now, so putting out a new version with this many new features wasn’t really in the original plan for our second upgrade. As usual with the OnSpot Social team, as our synapses started firing while talking about how our early adopter customers (shout out to you guys — we appreciate your support) were using OnSpot Social in-store and at events, we started coming up with new ways to improve OnSpot Social for our customers. The result of those discussions is Version 1.02 OnSpot Social. Let’s dig into all of the new and upgraded features.

New Facebook Likes Collection Process

Our customers spoke and we listened… The biggest update to OnSpot Social in Version 1.02 is the new Facebook Likes Collection Process. During our initial build of our product we made some assumptions, many of which proved to be validated after releasing Version 1.0. One assumption we made that customers provided feedback on was the way we handled collecting Facebook Likes on the spot. In this new version when a consumer taps the Facebook icon she will be taken to your Facebook Business Page. From there she can login, tap the Like button, and then tap the Logout bar which appears at the bottom of the screen. The Facebook Likes Collect Process is now much simpler for the consumer, which guarantees you to collect more Facebook Likes than you would have with the old way. What you’ll be happy to know is that we didn’t stop there… We also added two NEW Facebook Likes Collection Features which serve multiple purposes.

Collect Facebook Likes Offline through QR Codes

Some of our customers have mentioned that even though it clearly states within the Facebook Likes Collection screens that OnSpot Social does NOT store consumer Facebook login credentials, some consumers are a little weary of logging into an iPad that isn’t their own. Also, our customers wanted the ability to collect Facebook Likes Offline. Well, now you can! In the Administrative Section you can now check a box under the area where you input your Facebook Username that turns on the QR Code and Email Collection features. Consumers now have the ability to scan a QR code with their mobile phone to Like your business on Facebook OR email themselves a link to your Facebook page if they’d rather Like your business that way instead of on the spot. The QR Code will also work when you don’t have an internet connection.

Collect Facebook Likes Offline through Email

As I mentioned above, OnSpot Social customers can now collect Facebook Likes offline by allowing your customers to send themselves an email right from your store which contains a link to your Facebook page. Literally the consumer enters his email address and taps submit. OnSpot Social takes care of the rest. If OnSpot Social is running without being connected to 3G or a wireless network then the emails will save locally and the next time you have an internet connection the emails will be sent out to your customers. This way consumers can Like your business on Facebook from their home computer, iPad, smart phone, etc.

New Custom Field for Email Collection Process

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Many of our customers use OnSpot Social and iPad at events to collect email addresses. With Version 1.02 you can now add another field to your Email Collection Process. Now on top of being able to collect email and first name from consumers with OnSpot Social, we have added the ability to create a custom field, which means you can collect any information you want from consumers, from mobile numbers to zip codes to the number of kids they have. Whatever information you want to collect, simply tap the Email tab in the Administrative Section, type in the wording of your custom field, tap Done, and start collecting Email Addresses + any other information you want from consumers.

Updated Total Connections Reports

With the two new ways to capture Facebook Likes with OnSpot Social we also had to update the reports so that you can now see Total Connections by channel. The updated reports will show you which Facebook Collect method consumers use to Like your business on Facebook from the iPad. Reports are broken out by:

  • Email Addresses Collected
  • Twitter Connections
  • Facebook Connections – On the spot option
  • Facebook Connections – Email the link
  • Facebook Connections – QR Code

New Web Account Feature – Segment Email Database by Date

The last big addition that was released along with this update was an update to our web account features. OnSpot Social customers will now be able to login to your web account online and segment your email database by date. You can select a Start Date and End Date from which to pull the list. We will then export a .CSV file of all of the email addresses that you collected through OnSpot Social within that date range. This new feature will be extremely useful for businesses that use OnSpot Social to run in-store contests. You can use the date range feature to make sure you are only including the people who signed up during the contest dates.

Download OnSpot Social to Try It Out

We hope that you will download OnSpot Social free from the app store to try it out. If you think it will help your business grow your online community then you can purchase one of our subscription options. We hope that you like the new features. As we tell all of our customers, you have our commitment to continually update OnSpot Social. Our goal is to create the very best iPad app for In-Store Marketing. We will continue to refine existing features, as well as, release new features geared towards engaging your customers through iPad while they are in your store.

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