Collect Facebook Likes On An iPad Without An Internet Connection

Back in April 2013 version 2.0 for OnSpot Social was released. W e took all of the feedback that we had been gathering from customers and added new features, as well as, added to existing features. One of the main features of OnSpot Social is the ability to collect Facebook Likes on the iPad. Now, with Version 2.0 we have added additional features to the Facebook ‘Like’ collection process. Facebook Likes can now be collected in three ways:

  1. Collect Facebook Likes On-The-Spot through your Facebook page
  2. Collect Facebook Likes through a QR code
  3. Collect Facebook Likes by allowing consumers to email themselves the link to your Facebook page through OnSpot Social so that they can like the page once they return home from the comfort of their own computer

Collect Facebook Likes With An iPad In Your Store


The best way to leverage OnSpot Social for collecting Facebook Likes is to use OnSpot in an area where there is an internet connection, which will allow you to collect Facebook Likes on-the-spot in your store or at an event. It’s an extremely easy process for consumers and it has helped our customers to collect over 16,000 new Facebook Likes in less than a year! That said, we still wanted to make some improvements to our process to make the experience even better for all parties.

Depending on your internet connection speed, when a consumer taps the Facebook logo from OnSpot Social it could take 2-10 seconds before your Facebook page is loaded. Usually it won’t take 10 seconds unless you’re running 3G/4G and have a metal iPad Kiosk set up to protect your iPad.

That said, for our customers who are running a slower internet connection, with version 2.0 you now have the option to turn on a “Retrieving Facebook Profile…” message so that consumers don’t start entering in their information before your Facebook page has fully loaded. We recommend using this option if you have a slow internet connection or simply to have a cleaner user experience.

Include QR Code & Option to Email Link to Your Facebook Page

Even if you have a fast internet connection, some businesses would rather not ask their customers to login to their Facebook account. With version 2.0 the QR code and email the link options for collecting Facebook Likes can be activated simply by turning off the ‘Show Facebook Page’ option. If this option is turned off then OnSpot Social will only show the QR code and email the link options when a consumer taps the Facebook logo.

One benefit to the QR code & email the link option is that it allows you to collect Facebook Likes without an internet connection! If you turn on the QR code & email the link option your customers will have the ability to choose between the two ways of connecting with your business on Facebook. If they have a QR code scanner app on their smart phone then they can open that and scan the QR code. That will launch your Facebook page. Customers can then go ahead and Like your Facebook page from their mobile phone.

For those customers who might not have a smart phone, OR more than likely, for those who don’t have a QR code scanner app, they can simply tap the email icon. What this will allow them to do is input their email address and OnSpot Social will automatically send them an email with a link to your Facebook page. They can then go ahead and Like your business on Facebook once they get home and are in the comfort of their own home.

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Some consumers are still a little iffy on signing into their accounts on others’ devices, so this is a nice option whether you have an internet connection or not. If you don’t have an internet connection OnSpot Social will send the email(s) out once an internet connection is re-established. If you’re using OnSpot Social without an internet connection and you’ve collected new connections, such as Facebook Likes, once you find an internet connection simply tap the General tab and then tap the “transmit to server now” button. That will upload all of the data you’ve collected without an internet connection securely to the OnSpot Social servers at which point the emails from the “email the link” feature will go out to your customers.