Stop Collecting Email Addresses On a Piece of Paper In Your Store

Are you collecting customer email addresses on a piece of paper next to your cash register? Ugh. How inconvenient is that?! Not only do you have to decipher your customers’ awful handwriting, but after a long day or long week you have to sit at your computer and enter your new email addresses into your email marketing list. Why do you continue to do it? Because you realize how powerful email marketing can be as a sales tool. That said, don’t you wish there was a better way?

Use OnSpot Social to Collect Email Addresses In Your Store

OnSpot Social is an iPad application that business owners can use to collect email addresses in your store. Forget the pen, paper, paper sign, and all of the work involved in transferring those email addresses to your computer. Once you’ve downloaded OnSpot Social and purchased a subscription package you can set it up on an iPad in your store to collect unlimited email addresses. Then, whenever you want, you can login to our website and securely download your email list. It’s that easy. Have you already thrown away your paper and pen? If not, go ahead and do so now! 🙂

Disadvantages of Using Paper and Pen to Collect Email Addresses In Your Store

We’ve already alluded to a lot of the disadvantages of using paper and pen to collect email addresses in your store, but just to reiterate, here’s a list of all of the disadvantages of collecting email addresses this way:

  • Legibility of the email address and customer name. “I can’t read what he wrote!”
  • Extra time spent typing all of the information into your computer while you could be doing something else
  • No way of knowing if you have duplicates
  • You might be giving away incentives to people who are already on your list
  • Must create a paper sign to explain what people are signing up for and why they should sign up
  • Room for human error
  • Let’s not even mention how many pens you’ve lost over the years! 😉

As you can see, collecting email addresses with a pen and paper in your store just doesn’t cut it… not when there’s a new tool in town to help remove all of these obstacles.

Advantages of Using an iPad and OnSpot Social to Collect Email In Your Store

Here are some of the main advantages of using an iPad and OnSpot Social to collect customer email addresses in your store:

  • Customer data is typed into OnSpot Social, thus there are no legibility issues
  • Securely download your email list and upload it into your email marketing software
  • If you’ve already collected a customer’s email address with OnSpot Social and she tries to input it again, OnSpot Social will notify you that the person is already opted in
  • OnSpot Social can be used as a digital sign to explain your email marketing program and provide incentives for signing up
  • The “cool” factor – People want to interact with iPads, especially in places they are not used to seeing them, like your store
  • Access real-time reports to see how many email addresses you’re collecting with OnSpot Social
  • Tie OnSpot Social into sales by offering incentives to customers for providing their email address

Throw Away Your Paper and Pen

Are you ready to toss out that paper and pen? Wow your customers by purchasing OnSpot Social and running it on an iPad in your store to collect customer email addresses.

What do you think about OnSpot Social as an email collection tool? Will you try it? We hope you’ll leave your comments below.

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