Catch Me If You Can: Marketing to Millennials

millennials on devicesHere’s what we know from the statistics that are out there, via reliable sources: There are 76 million millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) in the U.S. That is 27% of the total population.  13.63% of  millennials say they stay updated on brands through social networks; 51% report that social opinions influence their purchase decisions; and a whopping 46% “count on social media” when buying products and services.  That is over 34 million people looking to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. for advice on products.

It stands to reason that your business needs a strong social media presence in order to spark the attention of that generation.  The 23 to 34 year olds are the future of your business.  It’s imperative to create a communication plan that leverages the technologies they use to help them make purchase decisions

In fact, the 34 and over crowd…you know, those who remember life before Xbox…are not actually far behind the tots when it comes to digital dependence.  78% of 30-49 year olds and 73% of 50-64 use social media EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The world’s current state of affairs is that we are, largely and quite obviously, obsessed with digital devices (have you seen the lines for new iPhone/iPad releases?).  Social media platforms give businesses a way to reach out and grab the golden ring, at almost no cost.  And, as millennials grow older, make more money and buy more goods, they will become your business’s bread, butter and after-dinner latte.

Marketing to millennials involves building your network on social channels. One of the most effective ways to get your customers, especially the younger generation, involved with you on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (the big 3) is to catch them while they are in-store or at your event booth.  To that end, a good data collection app is your new bestie. The iPad has made it easy for businesses to have point-of-sale data collection interactions with customers through data collection apps such as OnSpot Social.   And, companies like MacLocks provide great options for securing your iPad to your counter or kiosk.

Bottom line?   If you aren’t using digital technology when marketing to millennials, you’re missing out.  If you want to keep your customers engaged, appeal to the younger generation and grow your business without crushing your marketing budget, get your business on social media and get those millennials engaged.  Do it. Do it now.