Build Your E-mail Marketing List with an iPad in Your Store

Do you believe in the power of E-mail Marketing? E-mail Marketing, when implemented properly, can be a very effective marketing tool for business owners. The first thing a business owner has to do to be successful with email marketing is build a quality e-mail marketing list to use in your e-mail marketing promotions. If you don’t have your own e-mail marketing list to send e-mail communications to, then you certainly can’t run a successful e-mail marketing campaign. How do you build an e-mail marketing list? Well, there are many ways, but one new, innovative approach to collecting e-mail addresses has surfaced recently. This new tool is OnSpot Social.

OnSpot Social is an iPad application designed for business owners to use in their stores to capture both social media connections and e-mail addresses from people who visit the store. What better place to build a quality e-mail marketing list than in your store? You figure, consumers with the most interest in your products and services are the ones who visit your store. Why not take advantage of the opportunity of having an open line of communication with your highest quality targets by asking them to subscribe to your e-mail marketing list through OnSpot Social on the iPad?

Subscribing to your e-mail marketing list through OnSpot Social is EXTREMELY easy for your customers. Simply set up an iPad kiosk in a convenient location within your store and open the OnSpot Social app. Instruct your store visitors (either via a sales associate OR via an in-store flier that explains the campaign) to use OnSpot Social to subscribe to your e-mail marketing list. Once a consumer is in front of the iPad, he/she simply has to touch the E-mail icon on the screen, enter his/her e-mail address, and click ‘Submit’. It’s really that simple!

All customer data that is captured is stored on our secure servers. OnSpot Social customers can login on our website to download their customer email list anytime you want. This on-demand service allows OnSpot Social customers to download their new email list as a .CSV file, which you can then import into your e-mail marketing system and begin sending your e-mail communications out to all of your new e-mail subscribers. Pretty easy, huh?

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