OnSpot Social Affiliate Program

The OnSpot Social Affiliate Program, OnSpot Affiliates, can help you make money online by offering business owners the opportunity to purchase an iPad application that helps them collect social connections and emails in-store through an iPad. OnSpot Social is an iPad app which can help any type of business who uses social media marketing and email marketing to help build their brand. Business owners can configure OnSpot Social to collect on the spot Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Email Addresses on an iPad. Proven technology & UI, along with the fact that there are no other mobile applications currently on the market doing everything that OnSpot Social can do, Affiliates will have an easy time selling subscriptions to OnSpot Social. We hope you like what you hear so far. Keep reading to find out just how much money you can make with our Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program Commission Structure

OnSpot Affiliates can earn 20% lifetime commissions for ever 6-month or 1-year subscription to OnSpot Social that you sell. Affiliates are charged with generating leads for OnSpot Social and driving them to the OnSpot Social website to purchase a subscription. Affiliates will be able to generate leads both online and in the real world through unique affiliate links and printable handouts customized with a unique promotional code. Whether you are a marketing agency who has clients that can benefit from OnSpot Social, a person who attends a lot of events like conference and trade shows where you can showcase the product, or simply have a website/blog which you use to make money online through banner ads and promotional blog articles, you can make a lot of money annually by becoming an OnSpot Affiliate.

Subscriptions are sold per iPad which means generating one new lead can actually earn you much more than 20% for 1 subscription. Business owners have the opportunity to purchases multiple subscriptions, which means you make commission on every one of them. Also, the good news doesn’t end there, as if someone that you refer purchases one subscription up front, but then comes back to purchase more subscriptions later, you will get full commission for those additional sales as well! Each year (or every 6-months) as customers renew their subscriptions you will receive your same 20% commission for ever subscription which is renews.

Sample Commission: An annual subscription costs $174.99 per device. As an affiliate, you would earn $35 US dollars (20%) on this referral for the initial purchase and $35 every year they renew.

Sample Multiple Subscriptions Commission: If your referral decides to run OnSpot Social on 3 additional iPads, you would also earn 20% commission on each additional device subscription. Potentially this single referral could earn you $140 per year (4 iPads X $35 commission per subscription).

Potential Affiliates will be happy to hear that we offer a 120 cookie length and there are no PPC restrictions.

Marketing Tools for Affiliates

We understand that the simple act of creating an Affiliate Program does not provide Affiliates with everything that they need to generate sales. We have taken time to develop a variety of pre-designed marketing materials for you to use for driving traffic to the OnSpot Social website. Below are a list of some of the tools that Affiliates will have access to currently. That said, you also have our word that we are going to continue to develop new tools to help our Affiliates sell subscriptions to OnSpot Social. The current marketing tools for Affiliates are:

  • Pre-Designed banner ads
  • An eBooks teaching people about “Marketing with An iPad”
  • Email copy
  • Printable flyers & handouts
  • Pre-Designed social media copy
  • Reports for monitoring your campaign online with real-time payout and analytic reports

Business Owners Are Hungry for OnSpot Social

lead capture banner blog post

As mentioned above, there is currently no other software on the market that does everything that OnSpot Social can do through an iPad. OnSpot Social has increased sales every month since we released version 1.0 in Apple’s App Store back in May 2012. Not only are more and more business owners beginning to see the iPad as a marketing tool, but those businesses that are using OnSpot Social already are having a tremendous amount of success collecting new social media connections and email addresses. You have the opportunity to jump on board with a company that has an innovative product which solves a huge challenge facing business owners who are currently using social media and email marketing to build their brand.

We hope you like what you hear. We have worked very hard to create an Affiliate Program that is easy to participate in, arms Affiliates with the proper tools to sell OnSpot Social easily, and created a Commission Structure that we think can make our Affiliates a lot of money year in and year out. We hope you will sign-up for our Affiliate Program today.