6 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes Without Buying Them

A full 80 percent of businesses use Facebook in their marketing strategy. This is no surprise since the website has over 1.2 billion monthly users. As some marketers have discovered, though, it can prove very difficult to attract new followers without paying a social media expert or Facebook to get the word out. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are actually several ways to get more Facebook followers without buying them.

1. Suggest Your Page To Friends

Facebook pages have to have a base, and even the most successful started out with simply suggesting the page to their friends. The average Facebook user has 338 people on their friends list. If a person creates a page to promote their business, band, product or anything else, they could garner over 150 followers in minutes by simply getting half of their friends to follow the page.

At the top of every non-personal Facebook page, there is a menu that says Build Audience. Simply click on this link, choose Invite Friends and select each friend to be invited.

2. Hold A Contest

Holding a contest is one of the quickest ways to get more Facebook fans without having to pay for advertising. The better the prize, the more new fans will come. Simply post a picture of the prize and tell fans they can enter the contest by liking the page, sharing the image and commenting that they did so.

This method is effective even on smaller pages. Imagine a page with only 50 followers, and of that pages followers, only 10 people share the photo. As mentioned, the average number of friends a person has is 338. So when 10 individuals friends see the photo, this equate to 3,380 other people seeing it.

This number grows exponentially as new people share a photo, and by the end of it, theres no telling how many new followers a page will have.

3. Do Real-Life Promotion

All Facebook followers don’t just stumble across a page by accident, and this means its imperative to market the page in the real world. This doesn’t have to mean paying for radio spots. In fact, it could be as easy as including the name of the page on business cards. Also, simply telling people about the page at concerts, trade shows or wherever else is appropriate can bring in new fans. For this to work, though, its best to have a catchy page name.

4. Post Great Content

This is often one of the most overlooked methods of getting more followers. Some page owners simply create their page and never do anything with it, or they may make their page and do nothing more than spam it up with constant advertising.

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In reality, a page needs to post things that others will actually be compelled to share. Take George Takei, for instance. He played second or third or fourth fiddle to William Shatner in the original Star Trek series, yet he somehow has over nine times the followers of Shatner.

This was done simply by posting hilarious content that people felt like sharing. Its a tried and true method. Its not necessary for content to always be funny, but it should definitely be shareable.

5. Create Relationships With Other Businesses

Another amazingly effective method is to create and nurture relationships with similar pages. A local rock band, for instance, could speak with other local bands and agree to share content from each others pages. Similarly, an ATV retailer could have a working relationship with the owner of an off-road dirt course.

These relationships are most effective when pages actually provide a call to action, such as Go check out our friends at Company B for all sorts of greatness, along with shared content. Much like Number 5 on this list, its a reciprocal relationship, but unlike No. 5, these are actually targeted fans.

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags were once only used in the world of Twitter, but that time has long since passed. Facebook users, whether on their own personal pages, business pages or friends pages, can use hashtags along with any content that they share. Of course, most people use these tags simply to make a point, but they’re also great for garnering new fans.

This works due to the fact that, when interested in certain things, a person will type in the hashtag to search out related posts on Facebook. This means that they could come across a post from a very small page just as easily as a larger one.

Just imagine, a small town hardware store uses the hashtag #gardening, someone looks up the hashtag, and the local shop pops up right next to a post from Better Homes and Gardens. Someone who may have never came across the stores posts now have them front and center before them.

Facebook algorithms make it difficult to amass followers without paying money, but its not impossible. By simply being vigilant and following the aforementioned tips, pages can bring in tons of new followers in short periods of time.