Referral Program for Marketers

Generate passive income and create a new predictable revenue stream for you or your marketing agency.

Are your clients looking for innovative marketing ideas to help them take their brands to the next level?

OnSpot Social is an experiential marketing platform used by small businesses, large brands, and enterprise clients for marketing to consumers at events, in stores, and during sales meetings.


By joining our free referral program you become a reseller of an established marketing software product that generates residual income for you each time you sell a software license to one of your clients.

What Exactly Can OnSpot Social Do For My Clients?

Your clients can the OnSpot Social app to capture leads, engage prospects, and convert customers from anywhere using a mobile device.

Capture Leads

High performing lead generation is critical to the success of any brand. Brands can use OnSpot Social to capture leads everywhere they interact with consumers.

Social media collection app for Midway Labs - OnSpot Social App

Engage Prospects

Converting leads into customers starts with engagement. In a world with so many choices, brands must create fun, memorable experiences for prospects to engage in.

Survey app for California Tourist Destination case study - OnSpot Social App

Convert Customers

With so many brands fighting for the attention of consumers, it's imperative that marketers have the right tools to drive sales in the moment whenever they have a consumers' attention.

Automated Texts case study for Niktes Cosmetics - OnSpot Social App

Becoming a Reseller Is Free. Easy to Get Started. Requires No On-Going Commitment.

OnSpot Social provides marketing materials that makes selling software subscriptions as part of the referral program is easy for resellers.


Resellers receive a unique code to purchase discount subscriptions on behalf of your clients. By charging clients regular price, or even offering a slight discount, you make the difference month after month, generating a significant passive income stream for your agency.

Earn Even More Revenue

Layer additional marketing services on top of OnSpot Social subscriptions

Strategy & Planning

Creative Services

Campaign Management

Reporting Services

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