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Experiential Marketing App - OnSpot Social App
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Industry: Gaming & Hospitality

Company Type: Resort & Casino

Company Location: Lakeside, California

About the Company: Barona Casino has a long history of creating extraordinary moments — from Barona’s luxury resort and spa to award-winning golf course, casino restaurants, and of course, gaming.

Marketing Challenge

Barona wanted to find an easy way to capture casino visitors' contact information in order to add them to their email list.

Their traditional paper & pen signup form was creating too much friction for both employees and customers.

Marketing Solution

Barona began using a Premium subscription to OnSpot Social in May 2018. They decided to keep with their gaming roots by leveraging the Scratch & Win feature in order create a fun customer experience whereby customers can unlock prizes in exchange for signing up for their email list.

With multiple mobile devices being used throughout the casino floor, consumers can enter their contact information which unlocks the Scratch & Win game.

With a few simple swipes with their finger, a randomized prize is revealed.

Consumers can then choose to have the prize instantly emailed or texted to them on the spot through OnSpot Social.

Marketing Results

In the first year using the OnSpot Social app on four devices, Barona has successfully collected thousands of new leads.

Of the data collected:

2,900+ email addresses were collected

1,100+ played Scratch & Win and won prizes

Example Scratch & Win Screen

Let people use their finger to rub one of the blocks to reveal a random prize set by you.

With a Premium Subscriptions brands can connect Scratch & Win into the Auto-Responder feature and winners can text or email themselves a link to the prize.

Experiential Marketing App Example - OnSpot Social App

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