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Case Study: Bar/Nightclub App

case study

Company Information

Industry: Nightlife/Hospitality

Company Type: Club/Pool/Lounge/Restaurant Entertainment

Company Size: 1,000-5,000 employees

Number of Locations: 9 nightlife locations, 9 dining locations, 4 daytime locations

Marketing Challenge

The Light Group wanted to find a way to convert patrons that visited their bars & nightclubs into repeat customers. Light Group also wanted to build and maintain lasting relationships with customers in order to generate customer loyalty and spread their brand via word-of-mouth/social media. Using the OnSpot Social nightclub app they were able to achieve this.


Light Group ran OnSpot Social + iPads to collect data from customers who were waiting in line at each of their bars & nightclubs.

Light Group decided to set up 15 iPads total: 3 iPads running OnSpot Social at 1 location, and 2 iPads running OnSpot Social at 6 other locations.

OnSpot Social is currently running in 6 different Light Group nightclubs, collecting customer data such as email addresses & mobile numbers, Facebook Likes, and Twitter Followers.



Since partnering with OnSpot Social in December 2012, client was able to successfullycollect contact information from a total of 118,178 customers.

Of the data collected:

100,242 were connections made from 4 different nightclubs. (Over 84% of all data collected)

9,759 were connections made from a single beach club.

8,177 were connections made from 2 different pool lounges.

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