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Predesigned marketing materials

Online: Banners, eBooks, Email copy

Printable: Flyers &
Handouts with coupon redemption codes for your unique affiliate ID

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Through affiliate links, email blasts, social media, or printable flyers

Get Paid Monthly

Receive 20% commission on every subscription referred. When a subscription renews, you get paid again.

Monitor your campaign online with real-time payout and analytic reports.

Additional Information

Sample Commission: An annual subscription costs $174.99 per device. As an affiliate under our Affiliate Program, you would earn $35 US dollars (20%) on this referral for the initial purchase and $35 every year they renew.

If your referral decides to run OnSpot Social on 3 additional iPads, you would also earn 20% commission on each additional device subscription. Potentially this single referral could earn you $140 per year (4 iPads X $35 commission per subscription).

Cookie Length: 120 Days

PPC Restrictions: None

Please see the Referral Partner Program Terms & Conditions for additional information.