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OnSpot Social + Maclocks iPad Stand

Interested in using a tablet in your business to engage visitors and improve your marketing initiatives? OnSpot Social and Maclocks have partnered to offer a self-operating kiosk that can be used in any business or at events. Quickly setup a kiosk and begin collecting valuable contact information, survey responses, feedback and social media followers all on-the-spot.

OnSpot Social’s tablet app is designed for use in a public space and restricts a user from exiting the app and using the tablet in ways not intended. Maclocks provides a durable, theft-resistant enclosure that helps protect the iPad or tablet from being stolen or damaged. When using a Maclocks enclosure along with the OnSpot Social app – a business can safely use their tablet in a public environment without worry.

Maclocks customers are invited to try the OnSpot Social app for free. OnSpot Social is currently offering all Maclocks customers $15 off any subscription. To redeem, simply enter the promotion code MCLK15 at checkout here.

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About Maclocks

Maclocks has been designing and manufacturing computer locking systems since 1986. During that time, they have provided locking solutions to companies internationally and have a client list that includes Nike, Google, and Coca Cola among others. Much of Maclocks success can be attributed to their top-rate customer service and the quality materials used in their products.

Since the introduction of the iPad, Maclocks has been focused on providing a variety of iPad security kiosks. Their line-up of iPad stands includes small table-top locking systems up to commercial grade iPad floor stands. Recently, Maclocks released the “BrandMe” iPad floor stand which has a large area on it reserved for your business’s logo and branding.

To explore the full line of Maclocks iPad stands – please visit their website here.

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