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Convert Your Store Into a Social Media Connection Center

One quarter of the way through 2012 and it seems like it’s safe to say that social media marketing for businesses has gained critical mass. Almost every TV commercial, print ad, radio spot, and product package mentions Facebook and Twitter, among other social media tools.

One quarter of the way through 2012 and businesses have seen enough, they know that being active on social media is one of the best, most cost-effective, ways to interact and engage with their customers. That said, many of the business owners who have begun using social media are now realizing just how much it takes to build those social media channels into powerful online communities for their business. The major problem is finding a reliable, consistent, and cost-effective way of getting Facebook Likes and attracting new Twitter followers. The Solution?

Convert your store into a Social Media Connection Center.

Have you heard about that really cool new business tool that has had business owners and consumers by the hundreds of thousands waiting in line for it’s debut? It’s from a company called Apple, and it’s name is iPad. Business owners need to take a closer look at Apple’s iPad as a business tool. We think it will have a bigger impact on how businesses connect with, and engage their customers, than even social media. Every business around the world that has a storefront, or any physical location whereby they interact with customers, should have an iPad Kiosk display set up for engaging those customers with digital media.

Collect Facebook Likes In Your Store

OnSpot Social is a new iPad application that allows business owners to collect Facebook Likes in your store. Picture this…

A customer walks into your store. You’ve never seen her before. Maybe she’s from out of town. Maybe she recently moved to the area. Regardless, she’s walking up to your counter looking to purchase one of your products. Normally you would be polite, allow her to pay for her purchase, and say goodbye, never to see her again. But today is different, today you have an iPad Kiosk setup on your counter. Your iPad has OnSpot Social running and it seems to have caught your customer’s attention. She quickly understands that you’re looking for her to connect with your business on social media. Instead of her having to pull out her smart phone, open her Facebook app, search for your business, and Like your Facebook Business Page, she simply taps the Facebook icon on OnSpot Social’s Kiosk Display Screen, enters her Facebook login information, and Likes your Facebook Business Page right there on the spot.

OnSpot Social provides businesses with a reliable, consistent, and cost-effective tool for converting store customers into social media connections. You now have the ability to engage this new customer on Facebook and turn her into a repeat customer and brand advocate…

Collect Twitter Followers In Your Store

OnSpot Social allows business owners to get more from their brick-and-mortar store. OnSpot Social allows business owners to convert your store into a Social Media Connection Center. Picture this…

A member of the local media walks into your store. He has always been a HUGE advocate of your business, but has never really mentioned it in any of his newspaper articles. Through the local media station, he has a large following on Twitter, but for some reason, has never followed your business. You know that if you could just convert him into a Twitter follower, after a few weeks of tweeting with him, you could possibly get him to write an article about your business or simply mention your business in one of his tweets. You’ve mentioned Twitter a few times to him, but he always forgets to follow you by the time he gets back home in front of his computer. Today, as he’s walking through your store, he sees your new iPad Kiosk display. Intrigued, he walks up to it and sees the Twitter icon. He taps the icon, enters his Twitter login information, and follows your business on Twitter. As he’s leaving he politely says thank you for the goods he’s purchased, smiles, and says “see you on Twitter”…

Convert Your Store Into a Social Media Connection Center

One quarter of the way through 2012 and I think it’s safe to say that most businesses realize the power of social media marketing. That said, only the business owners who get creative, and leverage new technologies like iPad and OnSpot Social, will realize the true power of Social Media Marketing for businesses. Business owners who have made an investment in a brick-and-mortar store now have the ability to get more out of their storefront. You now have the power to take a one-off customer and convert her into a repeat customer. You now have the power to convert a loyal customer into a brand advocate. You now have the power to convert your store into a Social Media Connection Center.

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