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Collect Customer Data In Your Retail Store With An iPad

Collecting customer data is something that almost every business on the planet does. Collecting customer data is definitely part of marketing strategies that EVERY business can benefit from. Learning more about your customers and prospects purchasing habits, needs, likes, and dislikes can provide important information and context when it comes to making strategic decisions for your business. Businesses collect data in many different ways. Some people think collecting customer data is a new phenomenon that came about with the rise of the computer and the internet. However, that’s really not the case. From the times of modern commerce, businesses and entrepreneurs collected “mental data” about their customers, which they stored in our ultimate computer, his brain. As technologies have become cheaper, faster, and easier to use, and as businesses have grown, companies started looking for new ways to collect that critical customer data. With the rise of tablets for business like the iPad, innovative companies have spotted yet another new technology for collecting customer data.

Tablets Allow Businesses to Collect Customer Data In-Store

With the speed and power of the internet, the past 5 – 10 years has seen the rise of businesses getting comfortable leveraging digital internet-based technologies to help them better manage their business.  An off-shoot of this, Social Media Marketing for business, has taken the world by storm recently. Businesses have been using computers at home and in an office of some sort to execute internet marketing strategies. That all changed a few years ago when the world’s first cost effective tablet came out, the iPad. From that moment on, internet marketing would never be the same. Businesses are now using tablets in-store for marketing. This new trend has let to the creation of new technologies to support the trend. One such technology that came onto the seen back in 2012 is OnSpot Social. OnSpot Social is an iPad application that businesses all over the world are now using in their stores, at events and tradeshows, on college campuses, etc. to collect customer data.

Using OnSpot Social to Collect Customer Data on iPads In-Store

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are using OnSpot Social at a physical location with an iPad to engage consumers with digital marketing technologies and collect customer data. OnSpot Social allows businesses to collect many different types of customer data. Collect the following customer data with OnSpot Social:

  • Mobile number (phone number)
  • E-mail Address
  • Name, Address, Zip Code
  • Open-ended questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Birthday (date)

Colleges, doctor and dentist offices, sports companies and arenas, retail stores, restaurants, small businesses, museums and aquariums, and companies who attend events and trade shows are taking advantage of all of the benefits that the iPad brings, coupled with OnSpot Social, to collect customer data more efficiently and more effectively (in-store) than ever before in history. Before now, the technologies available to us (our brain, radio, tv, phone, internet, computers) only allowed companies to collect data somewhere away from the storefront (ie. computer at home, through a consumer’s TV, etc.) which isn’t as effective as possible since the consumer isn’t at peak interest in the business, or in their store through things like the store owner’s brain, or maybe via a piece of paper and pen, but obviously that is not as efficient as it could be in terms of collecting customer data. Now, with development of tablets and OnSpot Social, businesses can combine the best of both worlds to collect customer data in-store. Will you try OnSpot Social for your business?

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